Resources – Discussion Groups

Discussion groups and forums were at the heart of the internet until social media really took over and dominated how people communicate with each other online. There are still plenty of these types of groups around, including Reddit, which offer areal alternative to people who are not comfortable putting their lives and recovery in the public domain.

Redditincluding subreddits on


Alcoholics Anonymous



Gambling Recovery

Other Groups

MIP  : Known as Miracles in Progress, discussion forum for AA, Al-Anon, Coda, Acoa and NA

Sober Recovery  : Huge forum covering all aspects of Recovery, including specific drug topics

Tribe  : LGBT support group and other ‘wellness’ groups

Addiction Recovery  : Broad Discussion Forum

Bright Eye  : UK based counselling site with good discussion forum

Drug Abuse   : Mainly focused on substance abuse, but covers most other addictions